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How to Easily Create a Romantic Bedroom Design

Posted on November 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

There’s just nothing like having a romantic, super sexy bedroom space. After all it’s the most intimate room in your house. But making your bedroom look great doesn’t mean it has to look cheap or cheesy. Here are some easy tips to help you create the sexy, romantic look you want, all in good taste.

Color & Lighting

Color and lighting help set the stage for a romantic bedroom. Heat thing up with warmer tones. Choose paint in shades of peaches, pinks, reds, creams, chocolate browns and burgundies. According to color psychology, these hues trigger a sense of passion and connection. You can go bold if you wish, or stay with a more subtle hue and add pops of romance colors with throw pillows, area rugs or wall art.

When it comes to lighting, bright bulbs cast strong shadows and should be avoided. A fabulous thrift store crystal chandelier can be the crowning glory of your bedroom abode, but make sure to install a dimmer switch.

Use 40 watt bulbs on your bedside tables to help create a relaxed mood. Recessed or concealed lighting also work very well in a large bedroom to help cast light on a dressing table or seating area.

Lovely Linens

Luxury and comfort are the golden rule for master bedroom linens. Always choose the finest quality linens you can afford to make your bed the most comfortable it can possibly be. There are no exact rules when it comes to thread count, but look for a nice cotton blend in the range of 300. You also want to feel the sheets before you buy.

A natural cotton blend is preferable to sateen as it absorbs moisture and allows your skin to breathe. Always invest in good sheets – they will serve you well and last for years. You can decorate the bed seasonally by switching out your comforter and pillows if you wish. You can go as frilly or contemporary as you like with shams, dust ruffles, duvet covers, etc.

Details Details Details

Amp up the romance factor with wonderful bedroom decor, but always remember that less is more. Thoughtfully displaying a few cherished items will add more drama and impact than lots of little trinkets and knick-knacks cluttering up the space. Clutter does not make for relaxation, so choose your decor with care.

How about an ornately framed black and white photo of your beloved on your nightstand? Fresh water in a crystal decanter with 2 drinking glasses and a bouquet of fresh flowers adds a fresh and thoughtful touch. Decorative reed diffusers and scented candles infuse sensuous fragrance into the air.

Top your dresser with a jewelry box worthy of a princess. Don’t forget a classic old fashioned brush and mirror set.

An oversized antique dressing mirror angled in the far corner of the room or a large wall mural of an exotic local are two very unique yet effective ways to give the illusion of more space.

And there you have it. A romance-inspired bedroom design perfectly suited to your style.

Use these simple tips to inspire you to create a romantic bedroom design with ease. The results will make you swoon. Your room is sure to delight and beckon you to relax and unwind with that special someone. Now that’s romantic!

Bedroom Design and Paint Color

Posted on November 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

A beautiful house speaks within volumes for its owner, might be that’s the reason people try to maintain their homes as look nice as possible. One room of your property, which is most often ignored with regards to presentable home, is the bed room. Some people try to keep bed room decoration a private affair, although some treat it as just another space in the house. Bedroom decorating provides the bedroom an elegant feeling, which you might like to experience with all those personal thoughts in your mind. Here are some bed room painting ideas which will make your own bedroom more presentable as well as tempting, and add grace to your house decor.

Teenagers do not like the actual the drama of light bedroom colors and designs, convinced that they are the themes for kids. They like the use of bold colors, such as fiery red, mystic maroon and setting sun orange. There are few themes that can be used as teenage bedroom painting suggestions. A lit up sky line or sunset would keep an eye out of this world, as adolescent bedroom design! Let your kids participate too, in determining what the room should look such as. Teenagers are not the ones along with patience, so don’t include too much of furniture in the room, particularly some that will require painting. Ensure that it stays as spacious as possible.

They were some bedroom painting suggestions, which will surely add to the great thing about your bedroom. Remember that the bed room painting tips mentioned above will even depend on the furniture and the illumination arrangement of your bedroom. Significantly improved you are armed with some of the best bedroom painting designs go on and add that elegance to your bed room.

3 Bedroom Designs Ideas For Your Home

Posted on November 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

While it might not be the most important part of your home, the bedroom is quite an integral part of it, one that needs serious considerations when it comes to bedroom designs. Of course you can go out and buy expensive furniture and hire a great room decorator, or you can do it much cheaper without losing anything on the beauty of the final result.

One way to get bedroom designs ideas is by flipping through various magazines on home improvement and interior decor. Also art books are great to flip through. They usually have colored pictures of already finished gorgeous bedrooms that you can steal an idea or two from.

Also you can use your own imagination and creativity on it by making a list of your favorite colors, and then finding online places that show you the best ways to put these colors together. For example if blue is your most favorite color, you can find the perfect shade that will be in your bedroom, complemented by similar ones, or stark contrasting ones for best effects. Also blue with orange goes quite well together, so you might use a hue of blue as the main color and spruce it up with a few orange elements, such as the patterns in your window curtains or bed spreads.

Finally don’t forget the power of online research. There are many homes displayed online in full colored pictures that you can take ideas from for your bedroom design. Most of these sites actually have a list of where each of the furniture pieces has been purchased from, so you will have an easier way of actually getting the very furniture you happened to just see online. Online catalogs will also have great furniture ideas for each room, not only the bedroom.

By following the tips above you will be able to easily find the best ideas for proper design of your bedroom in a way that it will become unique, pleasing to the eye and comfortable to be and sleep in.